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Setting Up A Payment Plan For Your Bail Bond

Bail Bonds With Payment Plans In California Most bail bonds companies in California will allow you to make a down payment to get released from custody. This payment is a portion of your bail bond and only part of the 10% of the full bail bond. One of the basic variables to pay the lowest … Read More


7 Mistakes Posting Bail To Avoid

Avoid timely mistakes posting bail bonds in your area. The first is not bringing enough cash with them to the courthouse on the day of their hearing. What happens if someone can’t post bail? They could be stuck in jail and have to wait until their next court date before they get out! Another mistake … Read More


Bail Bonds For Domestic Violence In California

Abba Bail Bonds is committed to providing bail bonds services for those charged with Domestic Violence in California. We understand that the situation can be difficult and our goal is to help those who are facing charges get back on their feet as quickly as possible. Getting Started Let’s Look At What Is Domestic Violence? … Read More

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