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Free Warrant Checks In California

free warrant checks in California
Free Warrant Checks In California

When you post a bond in California, you will make sure you do not have a warrant elsewhere.

Having a warrant from another county could result in a hold against your release.

Our bondsmen make sure you do not have any holds when we finish posting your bail bonds.

Often, if you have a warrant in another jurisdiction like Los Angeles but are being held in Orange County, we will be able to post both bonds without you having to wait and go to court there as well.

Warrant Checks In California

While most warrants we can find access to and identify a hold, some warrants don’t result in a delay keeping you in custody. These include warrants like traffic or some out-of-state warrants. If the other state doesn’t want to extradite you, you won’t have a hold while you still have a warrant.

We do our best to identify any holds and guarantee that you will be released when you post a bail bond in California.

When you are looking to get out of jail fast, it’s an excellent idea for you to get ahead of things by calling us to check if you have a warrant in California.

Did You Know Most Criminal Records Are Public Information Online?

According to the State of California Department of Justice, the public is allowed to access most criminal data about themselves or others online. This means you can check local court records, find your court date or check on things like whether or not your warrant is active.

Once the bond has been posted the warrant should show recalled on any government website but these things can take a little bit to update depending on where you are.

Give us a call right away if you are concerned or have a question. We are here to help you navigate through your court case while keeping your freedom, 7 days a week.

Other Warrants To Consider If You May Have Include:

  • Traffic Warrants – Even if you are not held for a traffic based warrant, they still need to be taken care of while you are out on bond if you can. Driving without a license or on a suspended one can result in a minor criminal infraction, a misdomeanor in most circumstances. However, violating any laws while released on a bail can constitue a violation of your bond agreement. This means, simply driving with a suspended license could result in you back in custody.
  • Child Support Arears – For the most part, child support will work with you if you get behind after being held in custody. They do not typically put out a warrant for your arrest unless you just fail to communicate with them, stay on top of this area as well.
  • Out Of State Warrants – These are the hardest for us to check. Most likely though, when you were first arrested the jail or arresting agency had already notified them of your arrest. These holds are public record and that is what we are actually checking when we do warrant checks in California.

Call Today For Your Free Warrant Check

Should you need to find out if you have a warrant that will prevent you from being released, give us a call at (877) 330-5557. Our local staff is always ready to assist you in getting out of jail. We also have many local offices if you would like to stop by and have us run the check-in person for you.

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