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Speed Up the Bail Process in California in 5 Ways

Being arrested and then being taken to jail is a harrowing experience. The entire process can be confusing, and it’s natural to want to get out of jail as quickly as possible. Bail is the amount required to ensure that a defendant appears in court. It’s essentially a way for the court to reduce its … Read More

Six Grounds for a Judge to Refuse Bail

If you or a loved one has been arrested, you may be wondering what comes next. One of the first things that will happen is a bail hearing, during which a judge will determine whether or not to grant bail. Bail is the amount the court requires the defendant to pay to be released from … Read More

California Non-Citizen Bail Bonds: 4 Things to Know

In California, if you are not a United States citizen and are arrested, you may be eligible for a non-citizen bail bond. Non-citizen bail bonds are a type of bail designed to help those not U.S. citizens post bail and avoid detention while their criminal case is pending. A non-citizen bail bond can be a … Read More


4 Things To Do If You’ve Been Arrested Now

Don’t Incriminate Yourself One of the first things to do if you’ve been arrested is remain silent and not incriminate yourself. Get acquainted with what to do if you are arrested in the future and it may spare you some headaches. The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution is a part of the Bill … Read More

What Is A Bail Bond?

In the United States, around 500,00 people are held in their local jails while waiting for their trial because they can’t pay bail. What’s surprising is that most of them are in prison for low-level offenses. A bail bond is a contract between the person arrested and the bondsman. The person detained pledges to pay … Read More

How To Post A Bail Bond

Generally, the first thing that a jailed individual wants to do is get out fast. Posting bail is the best way to do this. Bail is a legal term that refers to the release of an individual from custody, typically in exchange for a set of conditions that the individual must meet to ensure their … Read More

State or Federal Bail: Which Should You Choose?

When a person is arrested and needs to post bail, they can use a state or federal bail bond. People should be aware of a few key differences between these two types of bonds before making a decision.  The first difference is that state bonds are regulated by the state government, while the federal government … Read More

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