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List Of Terms About Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds Dictionary

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List Of Terms About Bail Bonds

Bail Bond

What Is a Bail Bond?

When a bail bond is posting in California, this is an agreement made between several parties. These parties include the criminal defendant, the court and the bail bonds company.

Each party has it’s own set of responsibilities.

Criminal defendant must appear for trial, court hearings and pay a sum of money to be released. They must also routinely do check ins with the bail bonds company as well as obey any conditions of their release. This includes conditions set by the court, judge and/or the bail bondsman that posting bail for them.

Bail bonds companies have a responsibility to make sure their clients go to court. If they don’t a bounty hunter must be sent to locate and find the person that skipped out on their bail bond. In the unlikely event the person is never found or not found for a significant period of time, the bail bonds company loses the total premium to the court. This is called a bail bonds forfeiture.

Courts that have arrested citizens in the United States must follow their own sets of legal protocol to ensure that you are taken through the legal system in a manner consistent with your constitutional rights.

Bail bonds are also a type of a surety bond in California.

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