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7 Mistakes Posting Bail To Avoid

Avoid timely mistakes posting bail bonds in your area. The first is not bringing enough cash with them to the courthouse on the day of their hearing. What happens if someone can’t post bail? They could be stuck in jail and have to wait until their next court date before they get out!

Another mistake people make is forgetting to bring identification. If they don’t have an ID card, then they may not be able to post a bond without it, causing extensive delays in getting out of jail. It’s important that everyone who posts bail knows what type of identification cards are accepted, so as not to waste time and money while trying to get out of jail!

Here is a list of some other common mistakes posting bail bond:

1. Not Posting Bail At The Right Location

2. Posting the Wrong Bail Amount

3. Forgetting To Supply A Photo ID To Your Bondsman

5. Not Being Able To Pay The Full Amount of Bond Required To Maintain Freedom

6. Not Knowing The Bond Companies Hours of Operation, Showing Up Late

7. Failing To Provide Accurate Information To Your Bond Company

Here is a list of accepted identification to post a bond in California with a bail bondsman:

  • California Driver’s License
  • California Identification Card
  • US Passport
  • DMV Temporary Identification Printout 

You may have been released from jail on bail, and now you are looking for ways to avoid going back. One way is by avoiding the most common mistakes people make when posting bail. These typically include not showing up at your court date or forfeiting bail without any notice to the court. Read this blog post to find out more!

The most common mistake people make when posting bail is to be too optimistic about the charges they’re facing. The truth is that there are many types of offenses, and each one has different penalties for those convicted. You need a criminal lawyer who can help you understand what potential consequences your offense carries before you post bail. This way, you’ll know how much money to set aside in order to avoid having future financial problems because of your mistake!

For another detailed walk though on how to bail someone out of jail in California, check out this great post by Shouse California Law Group.

Why Would Someone Not Post A Bail Bond?

Some offenders don’t have the money for bail. If they’re good citizens who’ve never had a brush with law enforcement before, some courts will grant them pretrial release without requiring any payment upfront as long as it’s their first offense. If you are not deemed to be dangerous or a flight risk by the court judge, your bond could be lowered in a bond reduction hearing or even in your initial arraignment.

Other more lenient judges may also approve of diversion programs if offenders can afford only part of what is asked for in order to reduce time in custody prior to a conviction. Getting relief from harsh living conditions inside local county jails is the main reason most people would prefer to post a bond in California. Mistakes posting bail bonds means more time in custody.

In order to make a bail payment and ensure your release, you may need some help. If this is the case, be wary of putting down all of your funds against the bond. If they are illegal earnings, for example from a criminal enterprise, then it will likely prove difficult to come up with future payments on time unless you are continuing to commit new infractions of the law while out on bail. It’s imperative that any arrangement made between yourself and whoever put up their money has agreed upon terms so as not to find oneself back where one started off.

Other Areas To Consider When Posting A Bail Bond

  • Being unable to pay in full on the day you post bail because you don’t have enough cash on hand while not setting up a payment plan for your posted bond amount first
  • Not making your scheduled payments on time if you are on a payment plan.
  • Ignoring the conditions of their release, for example not checking in with a pretrial officer or appearing at court hearings as scheduled
  • Violating the terms of their release agreement by committing another crime or driving without a license
  • Getting arrested for something else while out on bond and being held in custody until trial begins
  • Not completing ordered check-ins with your bondsman
  • Leaving the state or country without receiving permission from the appropriate entities

Bail Bond Location Specific Help

mistakes posting bail
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Each of our office locations has specific information regarding bail schedules and local jail resources. If you’re looking to bond someone out check out one of our location pages near you like Orange County Bail Bonds. Don’t make mistakes posting bail.

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