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How To Find A Loved One In Jail

Whether they’re your spouse, sibling, parents, or child, finding a loved one in jail can be an overwhelming experience. What’s more heartbreaking is you might not have been there during their arrest. If the person arrested is your spouse and you have small children, it may even be harder to explain where mommy or daddy … Read More

Common Criminal Justice Terms

Criminal justice is the system of laws and law enforcement that deals with crime and criminals. It includes everything from policing and investigating crimes to prosecuting and punishing offenders. Why Should You Know About Common Criminal Justice Terms? No one is immune to crime, and it’s important to know about the criminal justice system just … Read More

Choosing Public Defender Vs. Private Lawyer: Which Is Better?

There are two major types of lawyers for criminal defense: public defenders and private lawyers. Both have pros and cons. So, how do you decide which is better for you? Public defenders are government-funded lawyers representing defendants who can’t afford a lawyer. They’re often overworked and underpaid, but they’re also more likely to be experienced … Read More

Bail Bond Payment Options: Which One Best Suits Your Needs

According to statistics, many low-income people charged with a crime cannot pay a bail bond even if it’s low. Bonds are an essential part of the American legal system. For defendants who cannot afford to post bail, it can mean being stuck in jail for months without being convicted of any crime. A person must … Read More

How To Explain An Arrest To Children

According to studies, infants and toddlers who witness violence associated with arrest or incarceration in their homes or communities may display emotional distress and fear of being alone. Explaining an arrest to children is often difficult. You must never forget that children are very observant and pick up on things they see, even if not … Read More

How To Choose The Best Criminal Defense Attorney

In the United States, criminal defense law is a complex field. For those who have been accused of a crime, it’s important to choose an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney immediately once you learn that you’re being investigated or charged with a crime. That way, you can begin building a solid case for your … Read More

GPS Monitoring For Bail Bonds

GPS monitoring for a bail bond is one of the newest technologies law enforcement uses to ensure that people charged with crimes stay where they’re supposed to be. The GPS equipment, such as the GPS bracelet used for this purpose, is very precise. There are severe consequences for those who don’t stick to the rules. … Read More


Bail Bonds For Domestic Violence In California

Abba Bail Bonds is committed to providing bail bonds services for those charged with Domestic Violence in California. We understand that the situation can be difficult and our goal is to help those who are facing charges get back on their feet as quickly as possible. Getting Started Let’s Look At What Is Domestic Violence? … Read More

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