Who’s Underwriting Your Bond?

Bail bondsmen are restricted by law so that they can’t swindle you when you’re in a tough situation. But not all bail companies are created equal. Here, let’s talk about why you aren’t going to get your bond from Wells Fargo or All-State.


Bonds aren’t underwritten by agents like major banks because they’re inherently risky. Who’s to say that so-and-so isn’t going to try to abscond and lay low in their ex’sĀ freezer until further notice? So it falls to the hands of the bondsman to bridge the risk gap through an agency. An agency like ABBA Bail Bonds, for instance.

So don’t trust just anyone when it comes to your bail. People are prone to make promises they can’t keep. But, if you’re honest, you can usually find your way to a bail agency that will be happy to help you get back out into the world before anyone can brand you negatively.